Monday, July 23, 2007


Today photos are loading lickety split. So I give you the beginnings of Kiri shawl. The color is really more fuschia, but the KSH is fabulous.

I took my Noodle-Pie to the big city, Vancouver. We shopped at Lulu Lemon, Chocolate Arts, Duthies, Ming Wo. It was a great Kitsilano experience. Unfortunately it was a bit cold and wet. This is her working on a free-form stuffed animal with kind of horns or ears. I call it a Nargle, but she says I don't know what a Nargle is.

We saw Romeo and Juliet at Bard on the Beach and I was most enchanted. The actors looked so young! They really pulled it off. The costumes were modern clothes in black and white and most convincing. Romeo wore tight jeans and a leather jacket that hinted at the silhouette of tights and a doublet. The backdrop was Vanier Park.
On Saturday we took the ferry to Victoria to see our son, Boo. D. met me at the ferry and I was perfect in my timing. The only thing I have been perfect in for a wee bit.
We met at the Noodle Box in china town and had fun at Silk Road teas and the variety stores. We each bought a bag of White Rabbit candies and ended up with 4 bags!!!
I indulged in a little sac for my sock knitting, like the monkey bag I've been trying to build a pattern for. The satin tissue holder has been on my replacement list for several years as mine is disintegrating. The pin cushion is the smallest of this variety I have seen. I bought my mom a huge one years ago.
It was so good to meet up with friends. The concert was superb. He really learned a lot in 3 weeks.

Then we headed up island for a family reunion where 148 of 163 descendants attended. A bit overwhelming, but good people. D. made a marvelous powerpoint presentation of his branch of the tree which made us all cry. I miss Nana so much at these things. D.'s grandma always helped me fit in with these crowds and was fun and generous and gracious. She died when Noodle was 6 months old.
And now we do laundry and pack for Scotland. I have quite a few duties in my committees to squish into this time. The kids want to take the guitar but our charter air service is being chintzy with luggage. I will take my flute and my theory which is coming along well. Won't my teacher be surprised?
Today I try to get some fresh food in the house. I won't change out of my work out clothes till I get back from the Y. I insist. But there's so much else to do too!

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