Thursday, July 26, 2007

Kiri, Kiri, Kiri

I love knitting this shawl. It's my second time and I love that I only have to look at the chart once at the beginning of a pattern row to know what to do. I'm big on knitting off the stitches.
Also, with lace, you have such a happy sense of accomplishment at the end of every row.
"Wow, the stitches add up, I must be so smart"
I am now daunted by my list of knitting because I fell into a 40% off sale. I didn't mean to. It was an accident. But we have the Canadian supplier of Cascade here in town and it's such a good solid yarn. I bought enough to knit a nephew sweater. But not the next one. I wanted navy for that. So I bought two bags of Phildar navy for the anniversary sweater in knitty. These boys are all over 6'2" and men's large. Why not baby booties?
I felt that as a good auntie, I couldn't die before I knit my godson an aran sweater. Well, he's still growing so I'd thought I'd start at the oldest. That makes 8 plus my neice who is also 6' tall. I've done two. I tried a third but got stuck in a bad swatch that turned into a disappointment.
Now when I finish the list of shawls, I can whip up the navy cables, the charcoal Durrow from wool I bought for myself years ago, and then the blue heather. These are not necessarily for birthdays or Christmas. They are because I want these guys to know that eventhough they are grown that the love I had for their baby selves is just as strong. No matter where they travel or what they persue, they will always have their family. They will always be a welcome part of my family.

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