Sunday, July 08, 2007

Lessons Learned

I've been watching Lucy Neatby's videos. I borrowed them from our library and there's a lot of information there. Some of it is repetitive or a bit out of order, but it 's fascinating.
I didn't learn knitting from any expert.
I learned by faking my way through mistakes.
Kind of like life.

But when I see Lucy teaching how to do my cast on, or seaming in the way I finally ended up with ( or so far anyway), I am so encouraged. Maybe I'm not such a pretender after all.
Maybe that's why I knit for babies because they don't complain about gauge or finishing.

And gauge. Will I ever make friends with this dragon? My last sweater was a huge failure in sizing. Literally.

Lucy says be kind to your stitches. I have been pushing my right needle too far into the stitch so that the yarn has to stretch to double width. I can knit quickly like this. But she says I'm abusing the poor stitch. Sorry.
I will try to gently and gradually move to knitting with just the tips of the needles. Maybe I'll get better gauge, maybe I'll get happy stitches.
There are so many ways of knitting. And we are never finished learning our lessons.

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