Saturday, June 30, 2007

Like Paddling in Ripples

I love my first tast of Koigu. I find this second Clapotis to be relaxing and enjoyable. I actually had the same feeling as paddling a canoe. A pattern in a few steps to pass the marker over or complete the J stroke.
This makes sense for Canada Day.

We've been to several tests and hospitals from New Westminster to Port Moody and the Clapotis has been an excellent travelling companion to augment a tense D. through cardiology.

The end result is he does need a heart repair, but he is allowed to pipe and we are going to Scotland in August for the World Championships in Glasgow.
This is a lot different from potentially emergency open heart surgery and no piping or flying for 6 months.

Did you see him in the Vancouver Sun on Thursday last week to advertise today's BC Highland Games in Coquitlam?

I also was gifted a huge box of acrylic yarns, some cool old patterns and plenty of needles from my great neighbour when she cleaned out her mom's apartment.
I use this wool and needles to share when I teach someone or to make donated items.

I'm just getting back on the horse. I have committee work that I begged off. I played flute last Sunday but I haven't been to band in weeks. They're performing tomorrow morning but I need to be available to a guest speaker instead. I'm not sure of Thursday either. I thought the season would be over by now. I'm trying to get ready for next season.
I also have some studying to do for volunteer work in September and I'd like to get my piano theory redone. I should have written it when my little Noodle-Pie did in grade 3.
All the report cards are in. Honours for both. Gifts given (replacement ipod and rollerblades). I'm "helping" Boo pack for 3 weeks of piano camp on the Island. Whew.
I also booked hotels for Bellingham and Vancouver for shopping/shows with daughter.
Make the most of this summer in the absence of beach weather. I'm not a beach person much anyway: I don't like sand in my wool.

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Life's a Stitch said...

I'm glad it's good news!

That paddling a canoe description is so accurate and your clapotis is lovely. I've yet to try it, but you are seriously tempting me.