Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Big Fat Disappointment

This is the final product. Why am I surprised to have yet another sweater too big?
Hi, my name is Angie and I have trouble with gauge.
So what to do with this monstrosity? Here I am airing my dirty laundry (poorly constructed handicrafts?). But I feel that I'm not all alone and those of you out there who might chance upon this may have had a similar grief in the long past.
I'd even accept it being quite a bit longer than in the picture (or maybe not) but the underarm hole is gigantic. Not a quick fix. It is integral to the sweater.
My best bet right now is to take it to Hanne at my LYS and ask her to sell it. I think even one lady I've met there might like it.
I'm just going to ask the price of the yarn which I got at half price on Boxing Day.
To placate myself, I will start my Koigu clapotis.
I had to rip out that same sock. Poor thing. The sock that never was. I like the short row mitred heel, but I didn't finish decreasing- directly related to putting it down for too long. I like just having a sock on the needles so perhaps that's what I'll have.
The Fleece Artist Soft Wavy Wrap is lovely but too fluffly and hot for right now. I don't need it until October.
Sigh. Will I ever champion the acceptance of body image and knitting. Perhaps I should just knit something out of Big Girl Knits. It's sitting on my shelf, trying to be my friend and accept me for who I am.
IN other news, D. has a follow up tranesophageal echocardiogram on Thursday and possible heart surgery. It's been a big year. We are blessed with his tenatious baby brother ( an esteemed interist) and a great group of friends who are praying for him and us.

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