Saturday, June 02, 2007

Not Finished

This diagonal stitch cardigan from Debbie Bliss is a difficult sweater. I quietly picked away at it, row by row. I liked the interesting construction. I like the raglan sleeves. I like the drape of the fabric.
But it's TOO BIG. Can't win.

At first I thought the sleeves were just too long and I could easily rip them back, knit a new cuff and graft it on. Thanks to my on-line friends for even thinking that is a reasonable, normal venture.

But it's too drapey. It's not the sweater I was hoping to have. I wanted it more like the picture.

What to do? NOT abandon it to a container in the basement. I've had disappointments before and I have had successes. I will fix the sleeves and try to shrink it a bit in the wash. It's mostly cotton and may ignore it's acrylic content for me. It's not a bad sweater. Just not the one I hoped for.
Blogger is being cranky and won't let me post a picture. I'll try soon.
I'm not finished with you yet!

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