Saturday, June 09, 2007

One Good Turn

I turned the heel of this neglected sock and hardly realized it.

I've heard a lot about Nancy Bush and I was surprised to find I actually had the right yarn for her Ribs and Cable Sock in Interweave Knit's Fall 2005. This is a great pattern.

I'm no sock expert and I thought I would make Jay Walkers (put me alone on the list who have not made them yet) but I couldn't resist trying this simple, classic design. The yarn is from Helen's Needlework in Mt. Vernon Washington where I am lucky enough to shop during the July Highland Games. It's from a few years ago. I also enjoyed Wild Fibres there and would hit that store first. But I don't think I'll be going to any games on this bad foot.

So I managed to pick away at this sock during travels. I hope to make the toe with Lucy Neatby's chimney and cast on quickly for the second. I like having a pair of socks on the needles even if I don't need mindless knitting.

I like the short row heel. We'll see how it fits soon. This Mountain Colors is fuzzier and not as tightly spun as the Socks That Rock. I do love the colours. I like the idea of fancy socks that don't kick you in the teeth with their pattern. I have big feet and cold feet, so these socks should do fine.

I've knit several pairs before (5? 6?) I have three more pairs worth: 2 more mountain colours (one for pedicure socks for my friend for Xmas I hope) and Trekking XXL. That's pretty yummy stash for such a small gathering. I wasn't even tempted to buy more while I hadn't turned the heel on this one.

The great disappointment that is my blue diagonal cardigan now has one short sleeve and one long. I just ripped it from the longest point I could live with and knit up the cuff. I was going to knit it separately and graft it on, but with two rows of garter stitch, it didn't seem to matter. Still I couldn't face ripping up the second one last night while D. and I watched O Brother Where Art Thou (alone!), so I tucked in all the loose ends. It was surprisingly comforting like soaping a saddle or hanging laundry in the sun. Soon I will do the second sleeve and, instead of a pile of yarn in the stash, or an unfinished object on the needles, I will have a sweater. I will even try to love it.

I managed to get to the knitting Friday morning at the Chilliwack Craft and Wool Shop. I like those ladies so much. A fine smattering of old Dutch grannies, ladies my age from field and forest, and the odd (not so odd) hipster. Lots of learning going on in that group. I am their link to knitty and the internet. I can't imagine managing knitting without the internet community. So much sharing going on. And I'm learning to open up and add my two (Canadian) cents.

Well, one good turn deserves another.

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