Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Big Steps

I am now the happy owner of an up-to-date first aid and CPR-C ticket. I took the course as part of my preparations to return to nursing and had a blast.

My first course was when I was 17 and in the reserve forces medical corps. We watched a film that had to be threaded through a projector and saw a woman choose a pencil and dial a rotary phone, very slowly. 9.........(the dial rotated back)1.........1.......

We practiced with no gloves or masks.

I got the chest crusher award because I was full of adrenaline at my test and almost busted the poor annie doll. I also got an annie hickey.

Yesterday was so different. I have taught first aid to other trades in the army. I went to nursing school. I have had two children and countless first aid events at camp and soccer and the skating rink. We had 4 nurses in the class and went through everything tickety boo. I'm proud of my success non-the-less.


I had a flute recital in which I played better than every before. I love my Haydn Serenade and my teacher is such a love ( and a knitter too). My kids were there. Though I had to drag them, they were very kind and it was not too much to ask them to sit through 7 flutist in 30 minutes with ice cream at the end. I'll play that piece at church next month.

So I have some tools to measure my life. The 15 miles I cycle at the Y, the steps forward toward nursing and the improvements I've made in my music. I can settle for that.