Wednesday, June 06, 2007

7 Habits

Seven habits of a creature of strange habits.
This comes from Li at Life's a Stitch. Note to self: learn how to do hypertext links.

Here's some of my many habits:

1. I always back into a parking space or pull through, "ready to go".

2. I have to earn my morning shower with a workout. Even if I don't get to clean up until 2pm.

3. I like to wear one donimant colour with neutrals. Denim is a neutral. Pink, red or purple are stand-alone accents. This has trickled into my knitting except for fair isle.

4. I do housework at the beginning of the week (Monday) so I can enjoy a clean house while my family is back at work/school.

5. I treat myself to a fun mystery novel after each serious read.

6. I can surf. I have surfed. I did surf. I have pictures to prove it. That was my dream for my fortieth birthday and it tasted great despite the salt and sweat.

7. I have lost some dreams on the sidelines.

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