Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Second Trip

No pics allowed by blogger today.

I'm up and away again, this time taking daughter to Vancouver for shopping and Bard on the Beach. I'm almost 44 (next week) and I don't have to wait any longer for someone to invite me. I'm going to do things that matter to me.
It's hard to find a Shakespeare buddy. Especially in the summer. I'm thinking of trailing behind my opera friends to learn about that. But I was a great Lady MacBeth in highschool (like countless others) and eventhough I dropped out of Theatre after first year, I still love it. I think if I could have done solely Shakespeare in a whole lifetime, I may have stayed in.
I read about him and read his plays and poetry out here in the wilds of the farmland. We, luckily, have a super theatre program in our own college and I'm going to go to that, too. Just watch me.

From Vancouver to Vancouver Island to meet up with piano son and then on to the dreaded D's family reunion. You don't have to tell me it will be more fun than I anticipate. There are many very nice people there who are or can be kind. But I dread these 100 plus parades of who's the most successful or the slimmest. It's a bit hard on a housewife.
On that point, I mailed off more paper work to further my cause to re-enter nursing.

Harry Potter 5 was super. It was pretty close to the spirit of the book and Noodle Pie liked it. I like going to the giant movie theatre in Mission and shopping at Black Bond Books, too.
I have a lot to thank Harry for- our film festival means Kiri is on her way and I even worked on the long lost sock.

Hope you kick back and play summer games this weekend.

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