Tuesday, May 20, 2008

D and Me

We've been married 19 years today. That's us as puppies.
Things haven't always been easy, raising two kids and juggling his on call-schedule with the demands of both our families and umpteen music teachers, soccer coaches etc.
But we were together for 3 years in highschool and got back together in time for D to be my guest at my nursing grad. We're cultivating our happiness.
We always go to "La Mansione" for our anniversary. That's where he proposed. It's as close to chi-chi-poo-poo as you can get out this far in the valley. But I woke up this morning after the weekend of a thousand tissues and said, "I don't feel up to going out tonight."
You know you have the right guy when he says, that's alright. We can just watch a video together. Thanks D.


Angie said...

Happy Anniversary!! That is a lovely portrait of two puppies, for sure. :D

Life's a Stitch said...

That picture is amazing. Happy Anniversary.