Sunday, May 04, 2008

Live and In Person

Thanks to "Wovenflame" I have had the great pleasure of being part of a real knitting group.
I have been so jealous of those in Toronto and in the eastern states, always getting together and sharing ideas.
Well our group is typically Chilliwack. There are very old ladies with European accents, a large proportion of weavers and spinners (a very organized group here) who could have been hippies in an earlier decade, some people who more or less resemble me, housewives, workers, big girls. The young moms were a great addition. We have our own master knitter and she even has plans. I'm usually the one driving the bus, this is too great.
We're going to have a real Knit In Public event on June 14. You can all come!! We have a few nice parks to choose from. I'm trying to hold back from ramping up the advertising- it's a habit from my volunteering. We just want to be a presence and encourage anyone who is thinking about knitting. We want to include the farmers and the displaced urbanites. Both stores were sort of represented.
Show and Tell! Cookies! Thank you to our library for giving us the meeting room.
Next time I will try to bring friends. My daughter will probably even come to the Knit Out.
Film to follow (when I learn to cope with the loss of my laptop).

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Marlene said...

Hey Angie, I sent out a couple of emails to the knitting group today and yours came back undeliverable. Could you maybe email me so that I can be sure I have your email address correct. My email address is accessible through my Blogger profile or you can contact me via Ravelry.