Thursday, May 29, 2008

Catching Up

I'm up and running on my new desktop. Thankyou D. for sucking the brains out of my laptop and setting it up here. Now I can continue with my on-line nursing refresher course without being tripped up by a java-ignorant laptop.

I'm still having trouble getting photos from Adobe Photoshop Elements to Blogger. I'll have to export each picture to My Pictures. We'll see how long I can manage that.

This is Great Grandma's afghan. It ended up a little big, 60X60 inches, but it was a fast knit. I think I would do something similar again, but not in cheap acrylic. As it goes, she's in her sunny one bedroom apartment in a multi-lelvel care home and could have a decent gift. But this will be helpful when she goes into a higher level of care. She's 94 and was driving until this Christmas. Her main problem is joint pain from arthritis. Healthy as a horse. But she lost some short term memory with the stroke in April.

I will try to post more finished objects as I navigate the new path. There are really few glitches and I am still in shock about losing the old laptop, so I'm not fully appreciative of this great new gift.

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