Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sister's Cabin

My sister bought a cabin on Harrison Lake and we had a great Mothers' Day BBQ there. It is boat only access and full of greenery.
The cabin is perched on the hilside with the forest behind it. I'd love to go back. I have already bought two hostess gifts for her, candles and stemless wine glasses. That's what we do as sisters, we give gifts and invite each other. Unfortunately we can't see that much of each other because of brutal commitments. This summer I must get back to Saltspring. And now my closest sister is in Kamloops. We may go see her one weekend this month.

The fairie orchid only bloomed for this one week. This eldest sister is a forester and a naturalist so she was excited about the find and appreciated its rarity.

I just spent too much time trying to get the best picture on my blog. It's on my flicker page and I'll try again. I'm just glad I can post and share. Thanks for being there.

Wish you could have joined us for ribs on Friday with great vet friends. The conversation was thick with medecine and music and kids and dogs. It made me think that I'm not so boring and the memorial was just unfortunate.

Or maybe you could have joined us at our fancy restaurant. I'll bet there are lots of couples who got married on the May long weekend. The meal was great and the other couple warm and friendly despite seeing us so rarely.

I didn't get to see my best friend this week. Her son was winning awards in piano at the provincial festival. But we were welcomed into his family 17th birthday brunch today and it makes me feel so good to have been at every birthday since he was 6. My son is a good friend with him and they make us proud.

We have been so busy lately with studying, working and being sick. It was a stretch to spend so much time just visiting (not even knitting) but D and I both agreed we need to let ourselves enjoy the good people in our lives.

We're out again tomorrow night to see friends who moved to Stratford. We had a great visit there a few years ago. It should be fun.

I had better get back to my studying. It's a bit like knitting a blanket. I can't see the end of it and the smaller goals are just not adding up quickly enough. When I finish this section, I have only two of eight left. But I'm not there yet. This uneasiness is equivalent to the elation I'll feel at the end of the next exam.

The alphabet blanket is that big project, but so far I'm enjoying the newness of each row.

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