Friday, June 20, 2008

On the Move

I finished June's aran square a while ago, but I've been hung up with my studying. I took the center panel from Alice Starmore's Malin from her book 'In the Hebrides'. I like it. It's more what I had imagined they would look like. I already have July's ready to go and there are endless sweaters that I have knit or hope to knit that can be added. I only want 12 with deep sashing.
I got a little tripod for my camera. The irony is that I couldn't use it to take a picture of itself. Sorry it's blurry, but little by little, my shots should get better. I am so inspired by the amazing pictures on your blogs.
My feet are healing and Carly and I were out walking almost every day this week. The corn is growing slowly because there has been no sunshine. I haven't even begun to think about summer music and reading. We're off to Kamloops this afternoon for an overnight visit at my sister's ranch. It's D's birthday and we're bringing up a cake. NoodlePie wanted to bake one, but she just finished a grade 9 Math final and there isn't time. I was going to pick up a Black Forest Cake from Sardis Bakery- a classic- but he just phoned from the office and there are too many cakes there, so we'll bring one from one of the office staff. I'll have to thank them again.
Yesterday was Diabetes studying all day! I managed through it and aced the quiz. I wish my regular theory course was packaged like Pharmacology. I'm still slogging through the week's chapters and feel no end in sight and so much time away this weekend.
Next weekend the kids go to Mexico on a mission to build a house. I should get some work done then.

This is my version of a summer sky. Don't forget the sweater and raincoat to cover up your bikini.

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