Thursday, June 05, 2008

Debbie Grief

This is not a good sign. I had to frog the same rows of the alphabet blanket more than once. Frogging such a long row(s) repeatedly is not encouraging. I must accept that until my brain sharpens a bit from this bronchitis- almost better again- I mustn't work charts infront of the TV.
I have been smart enough for this before. I will tell myself that it is situational. So the baby blanket- never again will I call her Debbie Bliss- will be returned to the Jamaica basket.

It's the "W" that's getting me. I know I can do it. But Debbie has no sense of the beauty of math. I have found her patterns awkward before. I love the way they look. I love the finished product. But the numbers don't work for me. I like them to refer to one another, to be multiples of something or sums of nice numbers. Elizabeth Zimmerman talks about using 7's. Lara Neels of Mathknitters picks 8- very good for multiples. If I am doing several panels of cables, I make sure there is one row where they all "zero out". Like recalibrating an arterial pressure monitor every morning.
The letters are fun ( I like letters better than numbers) but the "stinking" border has a pattern over 3 rows in flat knitting. That means that sometimes you yarn over on a knit row, sometimes on a purl row, and sometimes on the wrong row or not at all. I have markers and post-its and highlighters. What I want is something more intuitive. I like to read the stitches on the needle. Oh well. I only have to knit this once. Thanks to Ravelry, I know it's possible.
I want to start a sweater. I bought cotton for a string bag. I have a colourwork sweater on the needles. Maybe it's me.
On a positive note, I aced a medication administration math test yesterday morning. I feel so up for this concrete ration math stuff. I did get one question wrong, but my answer was that I would call the pharmacy (because the order was for almost twice the listed safe dose on an IV antibiotic with a very narrow safety margin). I got the math right, but I would still check with pharmacy before I blew my patient's kidneys. I have studied hard and will keep my nose in my books to get through this second MedSurg unit. Then only two exams. YAY.
So I worked the rest of the leg on the second Jaywalker sock and decreased on the last row so the foot would fit as well as the leg. This means I will end up with one sock that fits and one that I need to rip back to the leg. But at least I'll end up with something I can wear. Stay tuned for more sign of the frog.

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