Friday, June 06, 2008

Stitch Markers

Yes, it's Stitch from "Lilo and Stitch", one of my favourite movies. How much do I love this movie? I actually learned how to surf the year I turned 40.
I bought these little girl earrings at Disneyworld and was trying to figure out how to make them into stitch markers. Yesterday I found a necklace of silver links that I had been imagining. It was too long. As I was removing the extra rounds, the ideas intersected, and I was able to cannibalize them for these.

Today I'm off to Abbotsford, about 30 minutes west up the Fraser Valley to receive my orthodics. I have great hopes of being (eventually) able to return to walking. I haven't been able to do my block (5km) since the Run-a-go-go that I enjoyed so much. Mom is going to come with me and we'll do a bit of shopping.

I turned the heel on the Jaywalker 2.0 lastnight and had a good time at NoodlePie's last middle school band concert. It had a superhero theme with some of the greatest superheroes: Beethoven, Mozart and my favourite, Bach. My mom and paw were there. She's such a fine musician, but the family, especially in-laws, don't show up for her performances. It's a shame. Next year, at the highschool, she'll be in the drum corps, vocal jazz, jazz band and concert band. She wants to be a band teacher and I think she'd be great.

Right now she's knitting a garter stitch baby kimono for her trumpet teacher who is due soon. My flute teacher gave me a pair of light up needles. It was so sweet. I don't know if I'll ever use them. I may not even take them out of the outrageous package, but I am tickled.

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