Monday, June 09, 2008

Over-Knitting=Knitting Over

The much loved jaywalker is much maligned on my needles. For some reason I am not able to read a pattern this weekend. Especially when I have made a single size change. "No, that's not right!" How many times?
I should have got up from the TV (and studied) but I was bonding with my daughter, NoodlePie over "The Jane Austen Book Club" on DVD. Good thing D bought that big TV I didn't want.
I'm such a leader of trends. Everyone has knit this sock pattern- multiple times. Everyone probably read the book before going to the movie theatre. I hear they still have those.
But, as a lifelong fan of Jane Austen, I just never got the knack of trends. They sort of weave in and out of what I'm doing anyway.
But just because everyone likes something, that doesn't mean it isn't good.

New orthodics. How does Carly (the big black paws) know that this is the first day that I am going back to my first thing walk. Actually not really first thing. I get coffee and a sit with D in the sunroom which is also my office. But for years I had to "earn my shower". The morning is prime thinking time, so I thought I would use it to study. But I just clean house, read emails and still don't shower.
The sun is not shining. I am wearing a rainjacket, albeit a dry one. But my driveway is going crazy. Blue jay rhododendrons I planted 10 years ago. They actually have blue jays in them.
When they just open you can't see their black eyes which match a dark purple rhodo at the house which is over 40 years old.
I love corn. Maybe I was an aztec in another life. Our dairy farm had seasons that rotated on planting and harvesting. These little guys at the top of my street are having a hard time getting enough BTUs. They are to be up to my shoulder by my birthday. We have always said this, even when I was significantly shorter. This is cow corn. It will not cook. Don't bother stealing it, we'll just laugh. The Jubilee and Peaches & Cream were started under remay, a type of plastic covering. Some years we have it as early as Canada Day (July 1st) and some years weeks later. I can no longer digest it, but I still love its miracle growth.

Maybe I should knit corn socks.


Life's a Stitch said...

Speaking of cows,I was just gifted with cow yarn. Have you ever heard of such a thing?

Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

I got new orthotics, too! They (New Balance, along with the insert) have helped my plantar fasciatis immensely!