Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Trying New Things.

The "blessed" jaywalkers are done. What is it with me and this pattern? Can I call it incompatability? I think I just wasn't in a pattern-reading mode. Anyway, I love Grumperina, so I really wanted to love these socks. They're just a little short in the toe right now and I have gobs of Super Soxx wool left over, but I haven't washed them yet, and I'm a loose knitter, so I may gain that three rows that I'm too stubborn to redo.

This morning I sent the kids to the dentist without me. Really, why should I sit there for an hour when they can drive? So I took the time to do a project that has been waiting for quite a long time. My treat after two exams and the descent into dorkiness that was my evening.


So cute. And that 's the new Cascade Fixation in Pebble stitch pattern. I'm not sure I'll like it. I was going to make the Broad Ripples that everyone else has. But my best friend has already knit up the first one. Is that a problem? Seems she has the exact same colourway. And as much as I like knitting along with the sheep, every faddish project. I was a bit disappointed that it was there on her needles. Too Pipi Longstocking to have matching BFF socks. Am I terribly shallow? What would you do? It's my fault, I sent her the pattern. But I didn't pick this beautiful colourway- it's a prize from Angie at: http://purlingoaks.typepad.com/ I do like it, thanks, even if it's not "cow wool"(?)

I've also started writing up my first pattern. I have knit my own patterns, but not written them down properly. It's really hard. I'm trying to find a Canadian yarn in a light worsted that is soft. Do you know of any? I figure I should support the locals. My LYS was no help. Perhaps I am only procrastinating like I do in my writing so I don't have to put it down in black and white. Anyway, it's the best thing I've ever knit (Cast-On podcast's assignment) and I want to share it.

I took the day off studying because I hope to hide out and get a lot done tomorrow. I did a lot of errands. I went to the wool shop and bought Crystal Palace bamboo dpns. Some of mine seem to have walked. There is food in the house. We have a vet student and I don't know how much he eats. D. is at pipe band tonight, so I may study after supper.