Saturday, June 28, 2008

Let the Quiet Begin

Today I took the kids, with their auntie and cousins, to the Bellingham airport. They're flying to SanDiego and from there driving to Baja Mexico. It's a church mission to build a church for a needy migrant worker family. But it's not my church and I don't have to go. Whew. They've had a big year of team building with fundraising and preparing. I didn't do much of that either.
What shall I do with my time?
First I'll study. I've decided on 2 or 3 hour blocks with treats between: walk the dog, write in my journal, forage for fresh produce.
I enjoyed the morning with the family. Then I drove to Fairhaven, a lovely heritage area of Bellingham. Unfortunately I couldn't get hold of my drumming friend who lives there to play with me, but I slowly poked in the shops. Wool Station, a great bead shop and Eclipse Books.
I bought some Malabrigo silk and merino (eventhough Clara Parkes from Knitters Review says the Blue Moon stuff is better value) and some beads for stitch markers. I hope they work.
D is home now so we shall watch a show in the basement until it is cool enough to walk the dog.
It doesn't feel like Saturday and it doesn't feel like the Canada Day long weekend.
Last night was book club and we had a wonderful dinner. Everyone brought something and we really enjoyed the early evening. Lucky me. Read Birth House by Amy Mcay. It was great.

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