Thursday, June 26, 2008

Getting to Know You

I have never done a meme. I have read a lot, but not jumped in for not being tagged. Today I read and have been reeled in.
What was I doing 10 years ago? I was getting ready to nurse up at our Cultus Lake Church Camp. Mr.Boo was 7 and NoodlePie was 5. They had just finished Grade 2 and Kindergarten and I was working pretty hard chasing them. I hope to nurse at camp next year again.
What are 5 things on my list for today? Study till 11am, try to get the kids to pack for Mexico, lunch with my best friend, Jean, at our favourite little coffe shop, BC Connections, hair cut with Roberto, supper up the hill at my in-laws with a favourite visiting (and knitting) aunt.
What are 5 snacks I enjoy? My first choice is a raisin scone with a cup of tea. Oatmeal cookies, bananas, chocolate and cranberry soy protein bar adn a soy latte.
Things I would do if I were a billionaire: hire a housekeeper and a personal trainer (ballet/yoga). I would buy a holiday home on the beach and a cute little car of my very own. I would still finish my nursing and get my degree and play flute- just more. I would love to start a charity knitting circle, but that's about time, not money.
Places I have lived: Mostly Sardis. I was born in Peterborough Ontarion, but moved when I was 3. I loved living at UBC, Jericho Beach and the West End in Vancouver. I studied nursing in Calgary and ran home on the train the day after grad.
Jobs I have had: raspberry picker, paper deliverer, farmer's daughter, gas jockey/ grocery clerk, camp cook, icecream scooper, McDonald's hostess and birthday party gal, pediatric nurse, business writer, singer. I have volunteered as the chair at the preschool, ukelele instructor to grade 2's, drumming instructor in the youth pipe band, bass and tenor drum player in a pipe band, Sunday School teacher and coordinator, guest speaker at church, and who knows what else.
3 habits: Always read before bed, walk the big black dog, and send thank-you cards.
Latest news/goals: I'm 2/3 done the theory course in my nursing refresher and halfway to January, the finish. Why am I going back to work when I'm on the brink of 45? I have a lot to give, a lot to grow, and I'm not done yet.
Consider yourself tagged if you choose.

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