Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Our robin babies are greedy and growing quickly. I really feel for the mom who gives up all her time and energy to get food to them, protect them and clean out the nest. One of them fell out when we had friends over the other night and D put it right back in. It seems fine. But I think they've just about outgrown the nest. I hope we get to watch them learn to fly. From my computer, I can see the mom flying in and out. There are other babies on our horizon. We had dinner with all the vets last night and the Mama for this sweater has such a wee bump. Another tall, fit mom with just a bit of belly. She looks great and we sent out the word about the upcoming baby shower next month. I loved this Nashua organic cotton. The baby shrug from One Skein (it took a little more than 2 skeins). I knit it in part of a day with a fever and chills and cough (and without a computer to show you).
It really feels that time is just zipping away.
I finished an entire chapter yesterday. I haven't done that since before the plague showed up. I'm going to try hard to sit and finish another today. I need to feel that I've accomplished something in the sixth month of my independent on-line course. So isolated. I have a week off from Pharmacology and I'm going to use it.
Two more flute lessons and then my final concert with this Scherzando by Telleman. I do love it, but I don't find myself getting it up to speed. I'm not sure I can take lessons next year because I'll be doing labs and practicum in the fall. I should try to keep it up for Christmas. I'm getting to far ahead of myself. Dreaming of having this chapter finished.
No real knitting. Maybe tonight.

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