Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Into the City

What can you say about a man who made your favourite music before you were born? Dave Brubeck is 87. His breakthrough album, Time Out, is still holding its own in jazz. We went to the beautiful Orpheum theatre last night as part of the Vancouver International Jazz Festival.
We were surprised by the great talent of Laila Biali and her trio. Check out her new album, Sea to Sky. A real Vancouver talent.
But we were really there for the man. Both our kids have played his 'Take 5'. Our son on the piano and our daughter on the drums. Complex and serene. The old guys made music on the spot last night.
I learned that there is only one kind of music: the kind that you are listening to at any time.

And here are the big blue automatic sleeves. I have now cast off the second one and cast on the 100 stitches for the back. Do I make the back with the patterned yoke or plain? No studying today and I blame the dentist. I had a filling hacked out this morning while I was all but upside down for 2 hours. Now I feel strange. But I walked the dog and fed the blog. Priorities.

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