Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer Goals

Angie from Purling Oaks says we have to post our summer knitting goals by midnight tonight and I'll be three hours away from my computer. So I'll do my best now.
Finish on the needles:
Alphabet Block Blanket
Fixation socks (Monkeys?)
Braided Blues sweater in Cascade 220 for nephew #4

2 monthly aran squares
frog the blue lace and make ? Icarus.

I'd like to make a pair of red monkeys with stash Mountain Colours, because I'm going back to the lovely Mt Vernon for the highland games and will definitely shop at Wild Fibres and Helen's Needlework for more yummies.

Plus August 15 is the deadline for my Nursing Theory course, and August 28 for Pharmacy. I can finish earlier if the gods are with me. The good news is that my labs don't start until Sept 25! So I get time off for good behavior in the fall. I'd better use it to track down a situation to do my practicum.
Let the summer begin (please)

1 comment:

Angie said...

You sound very organized! Perhaps you will Icarus along with me. Thank you for all your encouragement!