Monday, June 16, 2008

Knitting In Public

We knit in public! This is the second time we gathered. There were knitters trickling in and out and more at the Chilliwack mall. It was fun.
Knitting in public is dangerous! I made a mess of my sock and came home and ripped back (again) before I realized that I was just reading the pattern wrong again, and the numbers were correct. Stink.
On Thursday I wrote my 6th exam of 8. I aced it and started on my second-last unit in this very long independent on-line course. But this morning (Monday) I found that I have almost missed a Pharmacology exam. I hit the books today and I'll have to forgo struggling for the pics because I'm writing that baby. The kids are up on the hill at Grandma's in the pool. We were there for the usual 8 hour visit. No knitting. No kidding. I get Mondays off!
I did manage to finish the "delightful" jaywalkers. They fit pretty good with the mods. I took out the Cascade 220 blue heathers this morning. Nephew #4 is getting a Braided Blues sweater from IK Fall 05. I haven't swatched yet, though, so I could be lying. What I really want is some plain stocking stich. That' s why I have ripple socks and two lace projects on the needles. Hmm. So I'm going to indulge myself. I want to have it done for September.
But first I want this exam done!
Correction: I seem to have missed the deadline because the date on the exam 'page' is Sunday, but the date on the main site is Monday. I am bummed.
I talked to D and to Jean, so I feel a little better. I'm going to listen to the new Lime n Violet and swatch.
Update: I'm not the only dork, so he opened it. I just wrote it at 10:30 pm and didn't do as well as I would have, but I am so relieved.
Thanks Angie for the note.

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Angie said...

So sad about the missed exam. I hope it doesn't have a huge impact in the end.

Your knitting in public looks like a very nice time. You were just practicing on the sock pattern, right? :D