Saturday, May 03, 2008

Lost In Space

My laptop calved. I was studying the final push of neuro for my big test and I heard a sound. Not a pop. More like a spark. I looked up at the screen: no course material, not link to Mayo Clinic, no medical dictionary, no Yarn Harlot. It was like God pulled the plug.
D took it to our IT guy. I don't know if he can resuscitate or suck out its brain. I am sad. D says, don't get too attached to it because you can't even count on 5 years.
He very graciously brought up his brand new same model laptop. It was hate at first sight. Not only is it a first day Vista, it won't recognize whole parts of programs. I can't post and I can't comment on most sites. I can't access my student files. GRRRR.
D is piping in a parade right now. I have lost 3 posts. I wrote my test in his "den"- a dark basement room where I'm sneaking now. Thankgoodness for the other (too many) computers in the house. If he has to replace it (the vista box is not equivalent), I'm asking for a desktop. And maybe a mac. I have learned that a laptop is half the computer for twice the price. I am not galivanting around. I don't even like to unplug it from its speakers and printer.
To amuse myself while my favourite podcasts are down or stretched to very long intervals (Cast-On and Lime & Violet), I have been enjoying podcasts from CBC radio. Have you heard "The Age of Persuasion" with Terry O'Reilly from Pirate Radio. I've been following him for years, but now I can listen whenever I like. And Writers and Company and Quirks and Quarks. This has been a good relief. Not that anything can replace the laughter of Lime & Violet (and Carin), but we don't have cable, and I need an excuse to sit and knit.
Great Grandma's mitred square afghan is almost done. No pics, see above. I'm putting on the i-cord edging which is pretty cool, but I put on backwards the first half-way around. I'm not liking this acrylic, so I ripped it out because it just can't afford more strikes against it. In cotton or something precious, the mistake would have added character.
I have cast on my Cozy shawl. Thanks to Katie from for the great injection of Noro. I chose my colours a store site. Turns out I even picked Katie's choice, thought the colours look really different. I dream of knitting this, the simple lace pattern, the colours changing before my eyes, the soft silk. Hmm. If I finish the edging on the big square I will allow myself. Especially since I fininshed another big section.
This week, Haematology. I should be good at this with my background in Oncology. But I feel a bit shaky after that monster of a cold and systemic complications. I'm proud I wrote that test and did OK. Not my great marks, but such a big section, it's like sweater. You have to know when to cast off.
Thanks for the enjoyable blogs that bouy me up when I take study breaks.

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Angie said...

Too bad about your notebook. It is very annoying to have to switch, even if it was a planned switch. I recommend a mac, if it will support any independent software you need.