Saturday, May 17, 2008


Vector (biology)
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In epidemiology, a vector is an organism that does not cause disease itself but which transmits infection by conveying pathogens from one host to another.
A classic example is the anopheles mosquito which acts as a vector for the disease malaria by transmitting the malarial parasite plasmodium to humans. In this case plasmodium is harmless to the mosquito (its intermediate host) but causes the disease malaria in humans (its definitive host).
Today, I am the vector. I am a slobbering mass of infected serous fluids. This cold started a long time ago, and it has morphed into a full-blown blow me away infection. I washed my hands to use D's computer.
Yesterday I was supposed to go on a yarn crawl with my best friend. We both have kids on band trips and were excited about the open schedule. But I couldn't get my act together. At noon, we met at our own LYS. I bought some organic cotton for a baby sweater from "One Skein", she bought a pattern. I wouldn't let her buy the wool until she had cast on one of the three projects she had bought after lunch the day before. I had felt better even then. The sun was out and we enjoyed some coffee at her local video store.
I was high on Dayquil when we went to the Chilliwack airport at 2 pm. We shared a clubhouse sandwich, fries and a spinach salad. Yum. Then we ordered the famous pie to take back to her place.
We both love BBC shows and she had an embarrassing pile from the library. We watched a bit of comedy, a bit of mystery. Drank tea and ripped out our lace mistakes. The mistake is to knit from a chart when you're not well. We had pie for dinner and felt wicked. Eventhough I started to feel even worse, it was as good a day as any road trip.
More pictures from the archives. This is pre Weight Watchers, when I had long hair. It's my merino a fur (Naturally) reversible cabled wrap. I take it to the rink a lot and snuggle in the cold basement to watch TV after dinner.
I have also knit it 3 times as a baby blanket. I get so many compliments that I want to write up this pattern to share. It is typical of me to take a brilliant idea, like Lily Chin's reversible cables, and simplify it. I feel it is magical knitting and the muggles can't get enough. The seedstitch border on the baby blanket doesn't lie flat. I've put in a question Math4knitters for a formula to start trying out.
I am well enough to lay in the shade on the deck and study immunology. It's unfortunate that none of this knowledge will help me ovecome the bug.
Li of Life's a Stitch sent me a hilarious link to giant microorganisms. It's in her comment. The blue one is my sumo competitor.

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