Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Baby Boy Blankie

I have finished my second Moderne Baby from Mason-Dixon knitting. This one is only about 30 inches square, but I am hoping that will encourage more use. I decided not to make anymore blankies when I found they were not being used. Some of the cousins use them, but a sweater is just as appreciated. In compromise, I have knit a small stroller cover or a blankie to be dragged around.
The Penguin Le Yarn 3 is a washable blend and it has good stitch definition. I made an i-cord edge and tried to recreate the randomness that I love so much on Mason-Dixon.

This was a quick knit and I only used half the wool. I'll keep it for another project, though.

The simple gansey had a bit of a rough start. I'm using Ann Budd's " The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns", "Knitting Ganseys" by Beth Brown-Reinsel (I've done the workshop in the book) and of course, Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Workshop.
I ended up with a channel island cast on and a two-row rib. The sleeves and body will be plain stocking stitch and then I'll do a textured chest and back with (I hope) a saddle shoulder. This is for nephew #5 and it's another men's large. Whew!
I just had to get started because I want to do two nephew sweaters this year. That will leave just the twins. After this one, I'm on the down hill portion of the course. It is knitting up with a nice gauge in Patons Classic Wool on 4.5mm.
A treat for me from the mail: a shawl pin from Nicholas & Felice. It was on my wish list, but I was reminded by Lime & Violet that they have beautiful and affordable pins.
I have bought a fancy one for a friend, but I'm happy with this light weight aluminum one.
I work tonight and then the weekend, but I get Easter Sunday off to play guitar at the sunrise service. I work Monday night and then I am on 'casual' and will prebook random shifts according to my own schedule. This is a huge relief as this past year has been very stressful trying to work and manage the family and my community responsibilities. There are things I can do especially well and make a large impact and they're not all in the hospital!
I may even have the chance to visit the new great nephew when he is born and bring this blankie.

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Life's a Stitch said...

That looks like a lovely light shawl pin. My pewter one is way too heavy to wear with lace so I stick to Chuck's wooden ones.

I was making a blankie for my niece's baby when I found out her mom and aunt had already done so. I put it in my gift stash and knit her a sweater.