Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fibres West

My plans for visiting the fibre festival in Abbotsford this weekend changed a few times. I waited until Saturday so I could go with a friend. But when she got back from her trip, she was so sick, she had even stopped looking forward to it. I won't go. No, I will. OK, just get in the car and drive down the highway 20 minutes. It's not far from the hospital where I hope to work in pediatrics. There was only one person I knew for sure that I would know: Erin from Twist of Fate in Kamloops. She did not disappoint. Her booth was great and I saw her heavily pregnant. She is due in 5 weeks. I don't know how that will affect the retreat in 4 weeks. Hmmm.
I bought this awesome fairly traded basket from her store because it can hold a sweater's worth of yarn. I also had very pleasant casual conversations with knitting strangers who are not really strangers.
Some clearance roving for thrumming, maybe slippers. It's merino, silk, kid mohair.

Cotton on sale. This is way better than the yarn I bought yesterday for the same baby blanket. It is such a compromise to knit "washable". But this is washable and still gorgeous.

Erin had "wraps per inch" tools. These are used by weavers and are another way to measure the gauge of the yarn. One is for my sicko friend, but don't tell her.

Sweet Georia Brown was there!! This is merino silk lace in the colourway blackberry. It's 765 yards, enough for just about any shawl. I love her website and have been wanting to buy some. But what is the pleasure with on-line?
Yesterday I tried to by a book at the big Chapters book store in Langley. They didn't have one of the six books on my list. I just wanted to buy a book. I was bringing home the new bookcase and , you know. Not enough books. Unfortunately I can buy them cheaper on line and they arrive at my doorstep. There is little fun left in shopping.
Unless you're at a fibre festival.

More Sweet Georgia Brown in superwash merino worsted colourway tourmaline. This is a very bright colour for me, but I'm thinking of mixing it with charcoal for the yoke of the King of Confidence sweater. Now I'll have to buy good washable merino to mix. Perhaps more of that Mission Falls.
So I'm glad I ventured forth into the unknown. I was restless. Because my stash is flush, I didn't need to get more stuff. But I was craving the newness of undiscovered riches. I also picked up needles to work on two current projects. I am stash busting a bit. More is going out than comes in. But it is so pretty and soft!
Only a few years ago I was limited to Zellers yarn department and a local yarn seller I didn't understand. We knit with whatever we could find. I am lucky that in these days we can have all the silk and merino and alpaca sellers nearby.
If you can make it, the show is on Sunday and I left a few treats behind. Say hi to Erin.

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