Monday, March 22, 2010

Catching Up

I'm really pleased how quickly this Baby Moderne blanket is knitting up in Pengouin Le Yarn 3. It is thicker than the pattern calls for, so I'm knitting it to half scale. This is a great bonus when I am achieving the "hand" of fabric I really like.
That sounds like my mom going on about the "tilth" in soil. Most of my soil's tilth is OK because I have been ammending it. This blanket does not need ammending. It was simple enough for me to knit in the car on our way to Karen's 50th.
That's saying a lot because I finished my Emergency Pediatrics course in the afternoon and my brain still hurts. I qualified! And I'm so glad we dragged our sorry buts to the city because we met the most sparkling people. Hi Monica! Can you believe there were wonderful knitters there? Loved it.
Thanks for the martini, but it was more like a 2x4 in a glass. My head still hurts.

Yesterday I finished my Taize shawl between chasing youth and singing at church. I even got all the ends darned. There were extra darned ends because of the Noro knots. I just cut the yarn and searched for the next correct end. My trick is that the yarn I rolled up, looking for the colourway repeat, was then re-rolled so the colourway came out in the right sequence. I'm happy with it.
It's almost as long as the Cozy I lost last spring. Misplacing that still hurts, too. Is it unkind to knit a replacement garment? Should I call this my sister's keeper's shawl?
I'm going for a light blocking without pins, but the cottony sock yarn needs a bit of a soak to soften up.

Carly missed me. I was still able to walk her yesterday, but she doesn't have a very good memory.
I work tonight, so I'm going to take it a bit easy today. I think I'll bring the baby blanket and listen to the new Stash and Burn podcast. There are yummy leftovers for the family supper and I'm not too adventurous. I've just come through a big adventure and am happy to catch up on my real life today.

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