Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Light at the End

The forsythia are out. That is the official kick off for trimming my roses and cleaning up my garden- if I'm careful and don't weed out the good plants. But I have two chapters left in my emergency peds text and then two days of class and testing. I took Em to see Alice tonight because my brain was mush. It helped to enjoy such a wild film.
The fit well socks fit. They are a bit baggy, but may shrink down with washing. Very comfy. Very smooshy. Next sock: Cascadia from the Rockin Sock Club in pinky Happy Go Lucky. It's French name is Chanceaux.

I decided to devote myself to the Taize shawl. I was just overwhelmed with three projects. I like two at a time. I have the baby blanket ready to jump into when this is done. I don't know how much I have to do yet. I want to use all the Noro sock yarn, but the color didn't match up with the ball changes, so I wrapped a lot of it. I'll use as much as I can match up. I'm aiming for my wingspan which should be 68 inches. I am comforted by the familiar stitch and need that back up with the crazy studying and fear of testing.
But no one asked me to take this course. It is my own choice to broaden my own horizons. I hope to do well and maybe have a chance to nurse children again. It amazes me how little I really understood in the old days. The depth of my understanding of anatomy, physiology and pharmacology continues to increase. Even if I don't get to work in peds, I will make better nursing assessments and decisions.
Off to bed. Hopefully I won't have a Tim Burton dream.

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