Thursday, June 02, 2011

Enough of That

I really don't like this yarn. It is not "Charming". I frogged my Wendy Mystery Shawl. It means I don't get to knit with thousands of you and I miss 200m of stash dash. But I don't have to put up with the scratchies. The worst was the striping!
Made a sign for the World Wide Knit in Public event. I hope someone shows up. I have to practice for a concert.
The sun came out briefly and I repotted the Angelica tulips in the garden to make room for geraniums.
Finally put the buttons on the Meliabella Pedestrian cowl. It counts as a Quickie KAL with Fibernymph, but not for this month. I'm very late to the game, but early for Christmas.
Daybreak is done. 540 m of Cascade Heritage. It grew in gentle blocking, but it's not huge. Cold enough to wear it this Junuary day.


Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

"Common Threads" - NEAT!

I made the Daybreak, too. It was fun to knit, eh? Like those blues!

Daintytime said...

I'm with you on the frogging. If you don't like it you might as well cut your losses!