Friday, June 03, 2011

Mail Day

The mail man cometh (or to use more inclusive language, the postman). Thanks so much to Innerpeace1081  for my lovely afghan square. We are in a swap with other fans of the Knit Girllls video podcast and send each other squares that will eventually be an afghan. This one is soft and a bit more teal than the picture shows. I love the Jojoland Baritone and the elegant cables. It's very sheepy There was also a lovely stitch marker and a notebook. And for my knitting hands, some hand cream. What a treat.
Tonight I go to the hockey arena, where the ice has been removed, and take part in a 12 hour relay to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society with our regional youth group. It will be like a crazy night shift with music and games. I'm fussing now about what knitting to bring. I have four more triangles on the entrelac blanket. The orchid shawl is probably too complex. I am actively neglecting the grey laceweight cardigan (why?).
So I'm winding up some Blue Moon Laci that I won't start on till September- good use of time while listening to Coffee Break Spanish podcast. I'm really starting to learn Spanish!
Next I'll wind up the black silk/alpaca, but  I won't start that until the orchid Swallowtail is done. I still cant' decide on a pattern. I want a thick lace border and not too much dense fabric in the centre. The new Brooklyn Tweed Rock Island looks fancy enough. But I'm also fussing that I have so many patterns. Why buy another?
I frogged the blue socks that never even made it to Ravelry and barely made it past the cuff. They are the only semi-solid fingering weight I have. Why waste them on socks when I'm going out and buying new yarn? Not this summer. Stash Dash. Stash down.
I will have to resist the on-line sales even though there's nothing like getting treats in the mail.

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Judy S. said...

From the photos in our paper, it looks like knitting anything there would have been a challenge! Exciting!