Monday, June 27, 2011

An Even Bigger Weekend

It seems, lately, that each weekend is trying to out do it's past neighbour.
 This is our third wedding. My nephew married a girl from our youth group who is also a dairy farmer, so the guests were all familiar. The venue my brother in law's family ranch where he married my sister the week I graduated from high school. This week my daughter has her grad prom.
 The ranch is sold, so it was a bit sad to be around the familiar landscape. It's just past our camp. The rain held off and the sun came out a little.
 Everything was so beautiful and gracious. The couple we relaxed and I danced the night away with my kids and my sisters. We missed the family that couldn't be there.
 Such a luscious mixture of luxury and rustic. Relaxed elegance.
We stayed as late as my daughter would allow, dancing up a storm. I had just come off two night shifts, so the time didn't matter.
The next day was a grad presentation at church and then a wrap up BBQ at our place for a very long Bible Study D has led. Great people came over with yummy salads, but I had to leave in the middle to take Em to camp. She is there for the summer, but I'll see her tonight at the Board Dinner, on weekends when I pick her and her laundry up, and for a whole week when I'm the nurse.
There was a bit of knitting when I finally got the lace set up rows on my black silk alpaca Flaming Flowers Stole. It was beastly trying to find quiet day light to make it work and there was much tinking. I'm on my way  now, I hope, but every row is lace. The nephew sweater is now just a big sock that I can knit around and around, even in poorer basement TV light. Guess which one will get the love? I want to cast on one of Wendy's shawls to take to Kamloops, the Summer Mystery or the Japanese Garden, now that I have the yarn, but I'm afraid I will neglect the black shawl all together, like I did last summer. Maybe if I get enough done on it, I can do the long pink cast on.
This weekend is Canada Day, a possible yarn crawl to Three Bags Full, my sister's birthday, grad reunion, and then a trip to the ranch in Kamloops. Whooooee.
This week is pretty full with camp meetings, but no night shifts.

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