Monday, June 06, 2011

With the Summer Sun

I'm listening to Mozart Piano Concertos and reading Proust this summer. I have planned to read the six volume "In Search of Lost Time" since I first came across it in Calgary in 1984. It was my first Folio purchase. I have a few books commenting about it, so I'm not alone.

Right away I feel it is very languorous and poetic. This may put me in the right frame of mind to enjoy a slower pace. I hope to read it at each "lunch hour". I try to take some time to sit and catch up in the middle of the day.
Without knitting, I would lose so many threads of thought. I need only take up the knitting and my mind will collect all sorts of important thoughts. The trick, according to David Allen of the Getting Things Done System is to capture the information. Find a tool that works, capture the information and set it going where it needs to go.

I finished the Lady Eleanor as a blanket (3.5 x 5 feet) and Emily and I have decided it needs its fringe. I have started cutting it, but it's cutting into my knitting time. That empty needle is one of my first Addi's given to me by my shepherd/artist sister. I've been knitting on this, off and on, since January 2010. It's 2,310 meters toward my Stash Dash (not counting fringe).
We had fun at the 12 hour Relay For Life, but I can't post pictures of other peoples' children. There was music and walking and silliness!
Last night we went to my niece's grad. She and Em are the same age and good friends. It was small, only 33 grads at a private school, but pleasant. I had nothing to wear! I did find some good things at the store, on sale, and now have all my summer clothes, those that went to Palm Desert, and those that were left behind, in a big ironing pile. I may have to bring the ironing upstairs because it is so lovely with the sun and the breeze and the gazebo and the pink flowers in pots.
I hope to embrace this time before it slips away.


cauchy09 said...

amazing entrelac! congrats on finishing!

Anonymous said...

that is beautiful, fringe or no fringe, I wanna see it in real life! Please bring to knit club wednesday! How do you keep so busy? I get tired just reading about your busy life! Who is your mom-I am in local sorority, I may have met her!

C U wednesday? email me.