Saturday, August 25, 2007

How to Block a Shawl

Step one: put the dog outside.
Step two: Replace vacuum bag with fresh one
Step three: vacuum the living room within in inch of its pile
Step four:Scour basement for blocking wires as marked by hockey skate laces.
Step five: Hunt for blocking pins which haven't been required since the last FO several blue moons ago.
Step six: soak Rowan KSH in Eucalan until it resembles a wet cat and makes all your effort seem pointless.
Step seven: rinse gently
Step eight: squeeze out excess water in a very big but not fluffy towel
Step nine: Finally lay her out on the largest towels.
Step ten: thread wires through straight edge. These are cheap TIG wires from Al's Supply House.
Step eleven: try to evenly and gently stretch each point from each side.
And then there's more patience.
I loved knitting this enough to persevere after a most stupid mistake and Glasgow frogging.
I'm already well on my way to number 3.
Perhaps I shall make the birthday deadlines afterall.
My summer of lace just came up on me unawares.

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Angie said...

Very funny description of your blocking efforts! Lovely shawl!