Friday, August 24, 2007


This is one of the modern stained glass windows at the Glasgow Cathedral, St. Mungo's. I was so taken by the colours and the words which are printed on each pane. They read the first lines of Genesis.
Exciting to have modern influence with ancient wisdom.
I am having a difficult time connecting with my new Adobe Photoshop because I haven't been well enough to take the time to find my path. These two photos represent about 6 times the effort I used to take. In time all will be smooth.
Like my Kiri. All finished. Yay. In time to block and send to Vancouver Island for Aunt's 70th birthday. Keep her in your prayers as Uncle has been taken off experimental chemo. It was just a matter of time. But it is now and we are sad to be heading on that path, even if the route is clearer.
My third Kiri on the needles. What is wrong? Why don't I love it? It's Jean green and variegated. I thought it looked like, well, what do you think it looks like? Big sis said, "Camoflage". Darn, that's what I thought.
So at the sit and knit I traded it for non-variegated and will whip up another shawl with the clock ticking.
I licked my wounds by winding my forest green laceweight and finishing (finally) my Mountian Colors sock in Nancy Bush's Ribs and Cable from Interweave Fall 2005. It fits my foot so well. I was a good knitter and cast on the second sock immediately. But on to Kiri.

These are a few of the souvenirs we bought. The mug is from D. He took the kids up the Wallace Monument in Stirling when we were at the Bridge of Allen games. I didn't see the point because the rain was so heavy we could hardly see it or the castle. I wasn't up for the walk either and I'd climbed it at least two times when we were here before. He brought me back a lovely mug with sheep! Inside it says, "Isle of Ewe". Sweet.
I took myself to the Sherlock Holmes museum and enjoyed it thoroughly.
No pictures.
Don't even try to open the picture file below. I don't know what I did.

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