Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Just a Start

Yesterday I went back to Weight Watchers. I know. I won't get all obsessive here every day, but it was time. After my long sleepless night in the dorm next to the seedy, noisy Glasgow pub, I made my decision.
I used to be a leader. I really liked it. I lost 40lbs for my 40th birthday and kept it off until I had surgery and complications and a new life with a new disabling syndrome.
Now that I feel that I have that under control, and 30lbs!!! later, I'm back on the writing things down life.
It took so long to lose my weight, this is just about normal. But apparently I couldn't do it on my own, no matter what measures I took.
So I have a new beginning.
Not new pencils and books, but lessons and tests.
Wish me luck.

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Angie said...

Good luck with it all. :-)