Saturday, August 18, 2007

Too Thick to Knit

I landed with a cold that is now full-blown tonsillitis. Yuck. Yesterday I was too scared to knit lace after frogging Kiri back so far.

Today, with antibiotics and more sleep, I can stay up enough to get a few things done. Those include listening to my back podcasts and catching up on my lace. If my hands start to hurt, I'll pick up the lovely novel I bought at the Oxfam store on Byres Rd, Laurie R. King's "Grave Talent"
I've read all her Bee Keeper's Apprentice books and loved them. I'm a big Sherlock Holmes fan, since I graduated from Winnie the Pooh, and I visited 221B Baker St. this time in London. Just a little city house, but full of memorabilia and fans. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
That made up for the cold and polite reception I got at Loop. I wish I had been able to travel all the way to Vauxhall for iknit, but I barely had time to walk all the way up the high street from angel station. They had mainly Rowan. Liberty's had Rowan. John Lewis has Rowan. Like the Borg. I stood around the tiny hallway of a shop before she looked up from her desk. "Do you have Briar Rose?"
I caused her confusion. She did not know it. She does not listen to Cast On, She is not my friend.
I had the opposite in Glasgow. I'll share that later.
The night before, I fell down these steps.
Want to know how to relieve the pain of plantar fasciaitis? Sprain your ankle. Such colours! We adapted pretty well to the lovely home so generously given over to us by a cousin who was away on Vancouver Island. But we couldn't get all the lightswitches to work and I missed a step in the dark. Screaming like a girl!! The kids ran to get me ice and ibuprofen. I just stayed on the bottom with my foot elevated up the stairs for about an hour. Sad, old mummy.
The back garden was a delight. Especially since we weren't gadding about too much.

And now I can sit on my chaise in the cloudy but warm light of my own back garden and Luckakuck River.

I am reluctant to re-enter the race of family and volunteering. I have lots of projects that are self-imposed: music theory (going well), sewing knitting bags (not going at all), flute and piano (I barely know where I left them), Blue Grass (I'll pick it up on Monday) writing (no, but thanks for this outlet), house work( I made pancakes for breakfast and I bathed the dog ).

I can read my novel. In Scotland I read North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell. It is a great old novel that was a gift of my best friend in aniticipation of a movie night. BBC has just done a great version. I look forward to that.

I may have jammed out of a wedding. The youngest daughter of one of D's dairy clients is getting married and wanted a piper like her sister. I don't know them, but they were tiny little girls when he started doing their herd work. I bought her a beautiful picture frame that is both traditional and modern. Did I say I don't know her? I need to rest. Sleep even.

I also need to get something done.

Focus on using up that KSH and catching up on Brenda Dayne.

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Angie said...

I hope you are feeling much better soon! You may also be suffering from the end-of-summer doldrums that seem to be quite prevalent among bloggers.