Thursday, August 16, 2007

Jet Lagging

We're back!

What a great 2 weeks in Glasgow and London. That's me knitting (the same) sock on the train from Edinburgh on Monday. I took the kids while D. went to Isaly. He had plans of checking out his family's former farm, but really it was Scotch tasting.

You've never been to Scotland if you haven't been with your own pipe band.
They worked really hard and the scuttlebut on the field is they should have placed higher than eighth. Still that's pretty good in grade 3A out of 37 bands.
Last Saturday, on Glasgow Green, the rain came in torrents. We may get to see a recast on BBC on Sunday. Chilliwack & District marched in the massed bands. They really played the best I've ever heard them!
On Monday, I took the kids to Edinburgh and Boo climbed Arthur's Seat while Noodle Pie and I went to Hollyrood Palace. This is his picture.

We were a bit rushed to get back on the train before rush hour. That's the Sir Walter Scott Memorial on Princes St. One of my favourite things in the world, but this is as close as I got.
So pleased to bump into another band mom from my past on the Royal Mile. We had a great visit. Except she has a flat on Rose St. for a month, so her visit is better. Best of luck to her amazingly talented daughter in the Fraser 78ths.

I'm a bit groggy from flying backwards through time yesterday. I picked up the big black dog and bathed her right away. Our house was clean when we left, but is scattered with suitcases and laundry now.

I didn't risk taking my knitting through British security. They're famously strict. So no knitting yesterday.

I had to frog back Kiri to an inch of her existence because, somehow, the center line faded out of consciousness. Fooey!

So I knit her back almost but did not get the third one started. I have till September, but I want to have 2 done for October. The sock was my way of sulking. I'm almost done the toe. I'll take it in and show my LYS the chimney grafting from Lucy Neatby.

I did visit a very disappointing shop in London. A very long trek on my injured and newly sprained foot. Rowan is like the Borg. They totally take over a shop. Well, I'm sorry, I can get Rowan at home. Don't you have anything else? Oh and by the way, I'm from Canada and I'm a knitter. Why won't you talk to me?

The K1 store in Glasgow made up for that in spades. More to come. Home safe. Hope you are all safe and knitting forwards instead of backwards like me.

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Angie said...

Lovely trip photos! I hope to hear/read more about your visit in Glasgow.