Monday, December 15, 2008

Fine Things

D likes his hat. And none too soon. Artic outflow. We went from about plus 7 degrees Celsius, to minus 10 overnight. It's colder with a windchill. Here's a converter. ( it's 14 degrees Farenheit). Brrrr.
ETA We had one inch of snow. Not one inch deep, but one inch wide fringe on the edge of the road.
Thanks to Lara at math4knitters (see side bar under My Blog List) for the recipe. I felt I had chosen the right yarn and needles because I liked the fabric. The pattern adapted for me. He says it is so fine, he can wear his bovine ultrasound goggles with it. Was that what I was going for?

Also, a rat that probably lives under our deck has decidedly chosen a frozen squash that was left just next to our patio door. He didn't even flinch when the flash went off. Normally I'd be a bit creeped out, but it's so cold his germs are probably blunted and he's all fluffy like a big mousie. What is our dog doing to not discourage him (them)?

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