Monday, December 01, 2008

What's Next?

The Craft crawl was lots of fun. Jean and I and our moms started with lunch at our favourite and soon to be closed BC Connections cafe. Our first stop included the Maple Farms Alpacas. She is moving. We snapped up what we could at 40% off and went back for more the next day.
The rose and blue are sock weight.
At first I chose the cinnamon brown because there were only 3 skeins in the world. But I switched with Jean because I needed more to make me a (bigger sweater). I hope to make "Lift and Separate" from Big Girl Knits.

The weather is turning. This lurking cloud is almost fog across the Sumas Prairie. We watched it as we drove home from visiting my Grandma in Abbotsford. She looked small and frail, but well and as sweet as ever. The seven sons and two daughters and assorted in-laws are not known for behaving well (blame Grandpa) so I have kept my head low. I did not send the blanket because of "restrictions". I may give it to the Better Beginnings Baby program of our Community Services. Maybe in her name.

Amaryllis update. She is definitely alive. I'm trying extra hard to water the new menagerie. It's exhausting. I'd rather bake. So another 16 pans of shortbread were finished this morning.

Finished yesterday: black Arctic Diamond Shawl. It did relax in gentle blocking. I am satisfied that it is the right gift for this piano teacher who has given so much to both my kids. Scott will be done lessons and Grade 10 Toronto Conservatory of Music in January and doesn't have plans to continue. He has worked hard and is known for his sensitive playing. I wonder what's next?

I am really enjoying knitting the Manos del Uraguay silkblend Woodland Shawl in the wildflower colourway. This is colour and the texture and rhythm that I have been missing.It's like dancing two stiches step away, and two stitches step together. Yummy.
I have officially finished my (one) Christmas knit. Should I make those quick fetching mitts? Oh, and I bought even more alpaca to knit D a replacement hat (in Lara neel's new pattern on Math4knitters) to replace the debaucle I knit for him last year.
Where should I begin?


LNS said...

Can I just say how much I like the word color with the extra U in it. It sounds so much more substantial. Colour!
Also, I'm in love with the Arctic Diamond Shawl because it's so geometrical and pretty, well done :-)

Life's a Stitch said...

Beautiful work.

We drove back from Harrison on Hwy 7 in the grey on Sunday. Spectacular - saw about 150 white eagle heads against the grey background.