Sunday, December 07, 2008


The squirrels are too fast for my big black dog, but they are cheeky. This one thinks he's hiding.

This is embarassing. On the left is my usual wooden dpn in the round knitting. For the raglan top down baby sweater, I used the metal straight knitting needles that were close to hand. I spent much of the knitting perched on the edge of a bench at orchestra practice. Are there any other excuses I can use? I am so disappointed in the amaturish, inconsistent stitches. But babies don't wait for ripping out. No frogging for little frogs. I will have to swallow the reality. I did manage to embroider a little bird on the fronts to distract the eye. Is this my next challenge? I have avoided knitting on straight needles, maybe that's the answer.
On the other hand, I am loving the magic loop. Everyone else has already played with it and made a decision. I think it is the best kind of game. This is my second set of Fetching from knitty. It knits up so quickly. The Linie 150 deluxe is 80%merino and 20% cashmir. It is very soft and a good price. As well, it's available in my own LYS. These are for my flute teacher. Bonus Christmas knitting that will also be done in time.
Hope your own schedules are acting reasonable.

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Angie said...

Wow, that looks like a black squirrel! We don't have them very often in our "part of the woods."

I've yet to try magic loop but I purchased a little booklet the other day to guide me through it.