Saturday, December 06, 2008

Season Beginnings

The Canada Geese love to line up in this hayfield. We also have lots of Trumpeter Swans now. I don't remember any growing up.
I love snow berries. We used to have them along the roadsides when I rode my horse in winter.

Friday night was the big Dickens Dinner fundraiser for our Chilliwack Academy of Music. That's my daughter playing trumpet in an excellent trio while we gathered. The meal was great. We were serenaded by young singers and violin players. Then one of our students who is now studying voice at UBC knocked us out. The finale was our dear friend, music co-ordiantor and voice teacher, Lisa. She sang great Christmas music and... had invited me to accompany her on flute. I was terrified in front of 160 of the top music instructors and experts of our area. But I was complimented on my tone which is my big focus right now. It could have been really bad, but I practiced really hard. Thank-you Lisa for the opportunity.

Today I made a mess. A controlled mess. There are more sugar cookies to decorate, but Emily can do that. Now my baking is in good enough shape for me to go to work.

I made a bouquet for the table and my new birdies. I am enjoying the early Christmas feeling. It is helping to calm the anxiety about my first shift in 13 years. The head nurse called today to encourage me. We are old friends and she is giving me the feeling she really wants me on her team. I can use all the encouragement I can get.

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Angie said...

My very best wishes for your new beginning (but actually a resumption?) on Monday. I hope it is a very satisfactory day.