Wednesday, December 03, 2008

On Track

No really. The November square of the aran afghan was finished before I turned the calendar over. Unfortunately, the December light leaves something to be desired. I didn't even remember that I had taken the picture until I read another blog apologizing for the gloomy light. I had fun knitting the DNA square from the free scarf pattern by June Oshiro. The side bands are from the Cabled Raglan Pullover in Knitting in America. I thought they looked a bit like chromosomes. I still have lots of left over aran wool and only one block to go.
My friend Diana (Chilliwack Hobbies and Toys) asked for the patterns. I have kept a notebook (I have learned that good idea from your blogs), but it's really a mish mash. I'll show it to her anyway.
Conquered the dozens of buttertarts. Whew! My minimum mummy mischief includes the shortbread and buttertarts before I head off to the hospital adventures. All the gifts are bought. All the cards addressed or sent. I'm even "elfing" for my dad.
I don't like to let ugly shoppers and cascading deadlines interfere with my Christmas pleasure. I like to have more time to practice music. And my friends can stop by after their harrowing shopping experiences to find me knitting and serving goodies.
I've asked Scott to set up the (artificial) tree this weekend. It will seriously interfere with his XBOX schedule, but the rest of us are practicing and performing.
Then Emily will decorate in her own fashion. I have learned to just let her at it.
I put little wreathes on the lights and bring out the serving dishes.
In another mini fit of organinzation I labelled all my computer cords. That may be enough satisfaction to overcome any set backs today.

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