Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bristow Buttonless

She be done. This sweater fits so well, like it was made for me. Unfortunately I had to remove 4 1/2 inches from the sleeves. I would like to blame the pattern, but I don't have the math to concoct a plausible excuse.

When you rip out from the cast on edge, you're really taking out kitchener stitch. It's a bit fiddly. It doesn't help to "rip back". Just go from the row you want to start. I ripped out a row, picking up the stitches on a circular needle. Then I knit the seed stitch cuff down with dpns in the round. It is fine. As one of my friends said, "A blind man would love to see it".
The blind man came yesterday. That's my bedroom at 10 am with the new black out blinds. I love them. I could really have used them this weekend when I was trying to sleep between night shifts on the long weekend Monday (national mow your lawn day). They were expensive and I waited many years to get them. It's great having my own paycheques.
More Bristow. The Elann Peruvian wool is great. I had trouble with gauge, but again it was not the pattern or the wool. Wow, that's a blurry photo. It's not mohair as you might see.

The cable has the balanced asymmetry that makes me so happy. Today I will buy buttons. I'll try to get pictures on the ferry when I take my son to his university open house on Saturday. I have a dinner with my refresher nursing classmates tonight. I'd love to quietly wear it and wait to see if anyone comments. I'm not so quiet, though.
So sad!! I have lost my Cozy. I have left messages at the hotel and restaurant we were at last week. Please come home. It is cold and rainy today and I would like to warm you with my neck.

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