Thursday, May 14, 2009


D and I took a few days in Vancouver to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary (next week). We stayed in the same hotel and walked the streets like we usually do, taking the aquabus across to Granville Island. It was lots of fun.We had dinner with good friends (she's a knitter, so I got a dose), and good cousins who are hilariously similar and both live close to Bogarts Chop House where we had a great dinner. They were all at our wedding.
The Book Warehouse is a Vancouver icon and we found some great books at great prices. Very important blank books were bought at Opus . We use these for sketching, building ideas and writing. I hope to get back to some writing "workshop" when I get my sea legs and catch up from starting work.

This entrancing uneven spun silk is from the Silk Weaving Studio on Granville Island. I've been drooling over their stuff for years but never had the research done to know what I could use. At 100m per gram, I think I have enough to make a shawl. If I make a triangular one, I can just stop when I run out. It was hard to pick from the wall of colours, but I usually take a pink "pashmina" shawl on our trips and I do need to replace it with a real one.
I work this weekend, which is like boarding a space ship. If I can pack a lunch and eat healthy foods, do a bit of journalling and knitting on nights, I'll be pretty pleased.

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electrictree said...

Sounds like fun! I love the silk tree, she was next to us at Abbotsford, she is such a cool lady! Your shawl will be awesome!