Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Sweetness of the Sun

I'm doing nights now and am again astonished by the beauty of the new season. When I wake up and open the black-out blinds, it is sunny and fresh and green adn my yard is full of the pink flowers that presage the roses. From the bottom of our yard, our side of the river (Luckakuck River), the shade is deep. Carly can only come so far because we have a radio wire in the ground that warns her with a beep on her collar. When she was little and being trained, it gave her a little shock. She is so good, even when she's not wearing it.

I took my mom to the local gardening centre . She helped me pick out a replacement tree for the pot on my deck, and I bought planter fillers and prickly barberry bushes to plant at the bottom of the yard to keep the neighbours and their dogs out.
This is our little salmon river with the 40 year old rhododendrons blooming on the island. The kids always called it Cookie Island because we had a beloved Brittany Spaniel by that name when we moved in 12-13 years ago.
We could work harder to torture the garden to our pruning will, but I prefer it in its natural state and so do the ducks. I have planted many indigenous and wildish plants to encorage the birds.

My plan is to keep working with "great hope" on the Icarus shawl. I'm really not sure if I can get it done in time for next Friday, but it doesn't hurt to keep crashing through the increasingly long rows. I'm on the edging and still in the game.

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