Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers' Day

Happy Mothers' Day. We had a sunny day.

Bristow was blocked and ready to piece. Notice the drums I set up around the blocking area to keep out the big black dog.The seams went together as smoothly as a knife in butter. I made the mistake of starting before I had to leave the house and was just about late for my class.

Can you see the seam? It fits like it was made for me- except for the freakishly long sleeves. I'll have to rip them back in place and seedstitch to the hem. Not looking forward to that. But I managed both button bands as if it was nothing.

Emily picked me a bouquet. Scott detailed the van. We had Mama burgers and went to the new Star Trek movie. It was wonderful. I was watching Star Trek on reruns when I was a pretty young little thing. My older sisters had a thing for Kirk. My daughter now has a thing for young Spok.

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