Sunday, May 17, 2009

Queue the Knitting

I woke up this morning with the realization that I have nothing to wear to Scott's grad. How did I forget that I have to look presentable in front of thousands of parents. Most of these people have known me since highschool or at least since my kids were in preschool. Can I look good enough to remove their stereotypes of me? I decided I will look for a plain summer dress and knit a shawl. I know, not too much time. I called Jean who listened to my worries about matching pink shawls and all the patterns I have hoarded and received her usual uncommonly good sense. "You wanted to knit Icarus in the blue". Of course I did, and I cast on right away.
My Practical Nurse is like that this week. We are swamped with patients who are not only really sick, but have psychiatric or addiction histories. Energy sucking. But this young nurse who is studying to be an RN has a real grasp of the workload and a kind way of saying "Let's make sure we signed for all our meds." She means I didn't, but even in her youth she is a good leader. We have 2 nights together now, and I hope to sit and knit and visit between chores.
I finished my log cabin cushion cover. It was such a relief to knit just garter and to decide colour changes as I go along. Low risk. I'm not sure I like how it goes with the painting over the bed, but I'm trying to get over "matchy-matchy" and just enjoy some reckless colour.

This is outside the window and matches perfectly. The sun is shining, so I didn't sleep too late. It will be a challenge to sleep all day tomorrow, but the black-out blinds come next week and should help with the next set.
The cushion matches my Bristow, too, and my Swift knitting bag. The Bristow is pieced together, but I have to take back the sleeves, and that's not a chore for a working weekend.
I still have to make a May baby sweater, but I may allow myself to knit 2 in June.
Hey Teach is on the needles and turning green in envy of the purpose I feel in starting Icarus.
This is my new exercize companion. Actually she is a frivolous pleasure companion. Very nice to ride and I'm old enough that I don't care if it's a "girl" bike. I'm a girl. The guy even switched the brakes so the back one is on my strong hand. My bike. Scott says it looks like a grasshopper so I shall call her Cricket.
I figure I can ride around a little even if I can't imagine walking anymore on my poor feet.
Scott and I are going to the Chilliwack Airport for lunch. D is piping in Portland. Em is at May Retreat Camp and for once is not sodden and shivering. We're all going to be tired at the end of this L*O*N*G* weekend. Hope you're enjoying the first taste of summer.

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